Just Stuff | Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 1:17pm

Time Waits for No One

By Niki

I started to write this yesterday but ran into a bug that took me on a side tangent of trying to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke. I was able to duplicate it, so I reported it to the devs at EllisLab.

Not how I intended this post to go

I'll try to recreate what I was posting yesterday in a minute. But for now, to explain the bug I found.

I had about a paragraph of stuff written, and wanted to use a smiley. Yeah, I still like using smileys in posts, sometimes they just fit. So I clicked on the smiley button, and instead of opening up a table of smiley images, I was greeted with... A screen refresh. The content I had typed, went *poof*. I'm sure it's buried in the database somewhere, since this does say "auto saved $timestamp" at the top of the page occasionally, but I'm not sure how to retrieve it as its not showing up as an entry I can edit.

First, a moment of shock. Then, I got annoyed. I didn't have a ton written, but it was enough that I didn't want to start rewriting it at that moment. Instead, I started looking into what the heck had happened. I duplicated the steps I took and sure enough, it happened again. I went to another site I have EE installed at, and set up a test, and it happened there, too.

Then I tried to spin up my local installation, and ran into a separate problem which I haven't been able to get past yet. So I went to my laptop where I have a different type of environment running for local builds and spun up my EE install there. It's a slightly older version (v4.x instead of v5.x), but I was able to recreate the bug there, too.

So apparently the bug has been around for at least two major versions of EE but maybe no one has noticed until now, probably because, who still uses smileys in posts? Well, I do it seems. Lucky me!

I'll be watching my issue submission over the next week to see if it gets accepted or if maybe it actually IS some strange fluke that I'm cursed with (though I kind of doubt that).

But anyway... Back to what I was originally going to post yesterday. And this time, saving the entry first. 😉 (Because I just discovered that the expected behavior works if the entry is pre-saved, but not auto-saved. D'oh! Still a bug!)

A teenager?

2019 is zipping by, and it should get a speeding ticket. It's already the middle of February for pete's sake!

My kid turned 13 last month. How can she already be a teenager?

Yesterday morning I went to her room to make sure she was up before I went on to my hair appointment (have to keep up this awesome color!), and wanted to give her a hug before leaving. She was sitting on her bed playing on her phone, but didn't want to stand up. So she hugged me while sitting, and her head barely went past my waist. It reminded me of when she was literally that tall standing up, which had to be around Kindergarten or earlier, as she's always been a fairly tall kid. Now she's about 1/2" to 1" taller than I am, so it was a brief moment of nostalgia.

Tomorrow she's off from school for President's Day; I took the day off too so I can take her to get her eyes checked. She's been complaining about things being blurry in the distance, and she outgrew some glasses we got her when she was in 5th grade, which were pretty weak prescriptions as it was, so she didn't wear them often. I kind of expected she'd need to wear glasses eventually given that both her dad and I wore them throughout most of our school years. I'm just glad her eyes waited a bit longer before needing them than mine did. I was wearing glasses by 3rd grade. 😛 At least glasses these days look cooler than they did when I was a kid. If you've seen Stranger Things, think of Barb and her huge glasses. Accurate.

That's all for now

So that's about what I had written before bug-o-geddon, and then some.