My name is Niki, and I live in a suburb of Phoenix, AZ, with my daughter, my husband and one cat.

I currently work outside of the home, full time, at a telecommunications company as an Operations Engineer. Basically, I configure core network routers and backbone links, among a few other things.  Put bluntly, it pays the bills, and my plan is to work only as long as we need to pay off our credit card debts and store up a few months salary.  At least that is my dream, anyway.

I’ve been doing web design for myself on my personal and business sites for years.  I am self-taught in HTML and CSS and learned it without a WYSIWYG. I develop and design mainly for ExpressionEngine. I also can build sites on CraftCMS and WordPress, although I’m forgoing the latter one for a bit until their “Gutenberg” dust settles.

I’ve wanted to branch out and do web design for others for a while now, but hadn’t really pursued it until recently when I decided this is one of the things I may like to do if and when that dream that I spoke of becomes a reality.

I sometimes have too many irons in the fire, so to speak… I also occasionally draw and paint with watercolors.  Knitting and crochet is something else that I may pick up from time to time. For a while I also dove into making hairbows and hairclips for girls, and I had an Etsy shop where I post handmade jewelry that I’ve created, as well as beads and sculptures I created with polymer clay.  Lots of arts and crafts, basically.

I hope you take a look around and find interest in what I have to offer.  I’m quite excited to start this new adventure, so I hope to work with you soon!